Mukuru Clean Stoves


To significantly reduce household air pollution in underserved markets in Africa


To be the most reliable cooking asset for base of the pyramid households.


Mukuru Clean Stoves is a social enterprise that designs, produces and distributes improved, reliable and affordable cook stoves for low income households. Our cook stoves are made using locally sourced recycled waste metal. This reduces production costs and makes the products affordable for our target market.

Burning solid fuels such as wood, charcoal and agricultural waste in open fires and traditional stoves exposes families to air pollution levels as much as 50 times greater than the World Health Organization guidelines for clean air. Clean cook stoves decrease fuel consumption by 30-60%, reduces toxic smoke emissions by 50-90% and lowers the risk of burns in children under 5 years by 40%.

‘Mukuru’ is the third largest slum-dwelling in Kenya, the zeal and tenacity of women living here inspired our company name.

Our Deliverables to the Communities

  • To Positively impact the health of slum and rural communities by significantly reducing toxic household air pollution (HAP).
  • To Provide improved, reliable and affordable cook stoves to households at the base of pyramid that save costs on fuel consumption.
  • To Support women and youth empowerment efforts through skills training and employing them as artisans and agents to market and sell the clean stoves in their communities.
  • To create awareness on the impact of pollution and the benefits of clean energy to the communities.

Value Statements

  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Leadership by example
  • Having customers at the center
  • Passion for work


Life for a young girl orphaned at the age of 10 years growing up in Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi (Kenya's capital city) was tough, risky and unbearable. By sixteen I was a teenage mom and my journey got even harder from there. I had to drop out of school to figure out a way to fend for myself and my daughter. My first job was selling charcoal within the slum community and it was the only fuel I could afford. My daughter and I kept suffering from respiratory tract infections and when she turned two she suffered a severe burn injury from a traditional stove.

After a two year break from school, I was finally able to save enough for tuition and I enrolled in an adult school - which opened my eyes to the health hazards caused by charcoal and other harmful solid fuels. An enthusiast of science and social studies, I wanted to inspire fellow women to lead the fight against household air pollution in Africa!

I founded Mukuru Clean Stoves; a social enterprise that produces clean, affordable and reliable cook stoves targeting under-served markets to help mothers keep their children safe, save on fuel consumption and reduce household air pollution.

Charlot Magayi
Founder & CEO


Bill Harrington

MD, Vista Ventures
Social Impact Fund

Liz Grossman

MD, Baobab Consulting

James Oyuke

University of Birmingham

Hayley Wright


Khizr Tajammul

CEO, Jaan Pakistan


36 million Kenyans have their health impacted negatively due to exposure to household air pollution (HAP) each year.

84% of Kenyans use solid fuel like wood, charcoal, agricultural waste, animal dung and coal.

Over 15,000 deaths each year are attributed to household air pollution (HAP) in Kenya according to World Health Organization (WHO).


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